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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pho and Furniture

Good evening (or morning)!

Like I said in our last blog, work is keeping us very busy. We went in for a few hours today, but after that we did some shopping in the An Phu neighborhood. It was really hot and humid, but that's because it was very rainy today. We've really lucked out because we've had some amazing weather. We heard it was around 100 degrees in St.Louis. Yikes!

Anyway, we're working hard but in a few weeks we've decided we're going to take a weekend holiday to one of the beach resorts. We're thinking Hoi An. There are beautiful beaches there plus their historic district does not allow cars so it's nice and peaceful! I may have something tailor made when we go! We're going to drive there to see the countryside. I can't wait to see what the rest of the country looks like.

We also changed our plans for the October holiday. We were originally going to go to New Zealand. One of the Kiwi's that we work with told us that there are no direct flights out of Saigon and that it would take us 10 hours to get there. Plus, he told us, we don't want to rush New Zealand. So, we have narrowed down our choices to Australia and Bali, Indonesia. I think we're leaning towards Bali. SO exciting!

We got our new couch today! It's so nice having a comfortable couch to relax on. I've attached photos below. I've also included photos of our first authentic Vietnamese meal made by Hiep, our friendly Vietnamese cook. Bill has chicken pho (those are mushrooms on top). And I have vegetarian pho. She makes us two meals to accommodate our preferences! Love it!

We're now on the hunt for some art to fill our blank, white walls. We're going into District 1 tomorrow (weather permitting) to look around for some. I actually feel brave enough to take pictures of the city. I am starting to learn how the motorbikes work! Anyway, keep an eye out for those photos.

We miss everyone immensely. I heard Creedance Clearwater Revival on the radio at a restaurant yesterday and got misty-eyed. We're doing well though, so don't worry about us. Take care of each other.

I leave you with some pretty flowers we saw on our walk through An Phu today. Vietnam really is a beautiful place. I can't wait to see more of it!

Love you all,
Missy and Bill


  1. That is a very nice, comfortable looking sectional!

  2. So what is on top of the ctr dish of food??? Couch looks great - how much to ship one to me haha! My vote for vaca (as if it matters) is Australia!!! But heck, do that next month haha

    Love n miss u guys n hope to skype u tomorrow

  3. Is hearing it called an "exceptional sectional" worth hearing just one time?