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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Hey everyone! No pics or videos today. We've started work (no students yet) and are REALLY busy! By the end of the day, we're so exhausted!!! Anyway, things are going well. Just busy with school. We've hired a cook who is Vietnamese and makes YUMMY dishes! She actually worked for a soldier during the conflict over here!!! She's really sweet! Anyway, she's already made us Pho and last night for dinner we had Vietnamese spring rolls. SO good.

We get our new couch on Saturday. I'll post pics then. I'll also post pics of some of the food Hiep has made us.

Once we get into the swing of school, I'll hopefully be able to update the blog on a more regular basis.

We miss you all so much and love you tons!
Missy and Bill

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